Ladies, so, you think you don’t need life insurance … THINK AGAIN!
Whether you have a dual-income family, you are a stay-at-home mom, or a single working mom, your income and services matter.
You are not alone. The majority of women NEVER want to have this conversation, as we don’t want to think about not being here to educate, nurture and love our children. Yes, this is a very tough conversation, yet family and financial planning is a necessary evil.
Having a plan in place which includes life insurance could make the difference of your family remaining in the home they love, college for the kids or child care, and all the “household duties” required to maintain your family. This is your legacy for your children.
Per, the salary for a stay at mom could exceed $150,000 for all the “services” a stay at mom provides.
The type and amount of insurance you choose depends on your unique needs, family situation, and budget. Speak to a professional financial consultant or insurance agent. Start a conversation, and ask questions.

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