Do you have an adventurous side?  Do you dream of backpacking through Europe, cruising the Seven Seas or maybe jumping out of a plane?  Just one issue, how do you pay for it?

No one wants a boring life, but an adventurous life can be expensive, especially if you put it on the credit cards and pay it off later.  Why not plan ahead, so there is no worry when you get home?  It just takes a little planning, which may not sound like fun, but think about the other adventures you can have by not paying all that interest to the bank.  Jet away to Europe and take in 10 countries in 10 days or take the family on a cross-country road trip on summer break.



Perhaps you think adventures like this are just out of your reach.  With a little planning ahead, you just might be surprised at what you can do.  Adventure planning is only another part of your overall financial plan.  So, if this is something you have always dreamed of, let’s make it happen.

Have questions about your adventure plan or just ready to start one, it’s time to Talk Money with Paula. There is never a fee to speak with me. Your financial future is too important to put off, so call me today!